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A unique guide to help you choose the right equipment for your event prepared by the professionals with over 27 years experience. Use this guide to help you choose from our comprehensive hire rates listings. The prices shown exclude VAT and are for one day's hire. Rates for longer periods are shown in our hire rates listings. Makes of equipment may vary subject to availability but will carry out the same task. The sections below show the types of event for which we can cater.
Please also ensure you have read our GENERAL COMMENTS AND ADVICE FOR DUMMIES.
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Events - Advice on using Radio Microphones

If you are just adding to your own system or including it as part of one of our systems it is useful to understand some very basic rules:

  • Each radio microphone is a complete system of microphone, battery powered radio transmitter and mains operated receiver.
  • The radio transmitter operates on a dry cell battery. We do not recommend re-chargeable batteries but good quality Alkaline dry cells such as those made by Maxell which we supply at very competitive prices. By all means use an old battery for testing but use a brand new one for the actual event.
  • The radio receiver operates on mains electricity (except those available for use with portable camcorders) and most of our systems are of the diversity type. That is they have two aerials and two receivers to eliminate loss of signal due to reflections in the room or due to blocking of the signal by large objects such as metal framed buildings.
  • There are two wave bands, VHF and UHF. UHF has more channels available for multiple operation of more than one radio microphones. Each microphone must have its own dedicated frequency within the two wave bands. Most of our systems are supplied with a frequency selection switch on both transmitter and receiver. By selecting different frequencies on each set multiple radio microphones may be used without interfering with each other or with others being used in the same venue but not necessarily in the same room.
  • If you use more than one radio microphone system you should use a aerial distribution system to avoid interference between each system. However using up to say 4 or 5 systems may be possible but only if you scatter the receivers apart, say about a metre apart from each other to avoid interference. Alternatively you could hire a number of microphones with the aerial distribution amplifiers and splitters provided such as the Sennheiser e550 system. This is supplied with just two aerials to set up and all of the receivers are in one rack case.
  • Radio receivers should be placed in line of sight of the transmitter and as close to the transmitter as possible. The audio output of the receiver will have to be connected to the microphone input of a mixer or mixer/amplifier
  • We are often asked what is the range of a radio microphone. This is not an easy question to answer - the basic range is about a radius of 100 metres from the position of the transmitter. But that would be in an open space, in an enclosed space such as a room or hall has walls which will deflect and reflect the transmission radio waves. Even in a small room you could get problems of lack of signal due to this effect. Even other objects in the room, particularly metal structures will affect the efficiency of the transmission signal. A room full of people can also affect the signal which is rather annoying after doing a test in the same room when empty. So each application is different. It is just common sense to move the receiver to a different position to clear these problems. With our diversity quality systems by Sennheiser your problems are usually minimal.

Small Meeting or Presentation - OPTION 1

For a meeting of say up to 100 people we would recommend the most basic system of an amplified loudspeaker (powered loudspeaker) which is basically a powerful full range loudspeaker with a built in amplifier. You can plug in a microphone directly into this, a typical hire may include the following:

H/H Electronics HP120 12" x 120 Watt loudspeaker, stands included.
Sennheiser 815s microphone with on/off switch and 5m cable.
Total system price - £100.00 + vat per week, £43.00 + vat per 3 days, £28.50 + vat per day.

Small Meeting or Presentation - OPTION 2

You may wish to play a CD or to plug in the sound output from a video player or laptop presentation and mix this with the microphone. For that we would suggest using the HK Audio powered loudspeaker as this has a two channel mixer section which means you can control the balance of microphone and playback sound levels:

HK Audio 12" x 100 watt powered loudspeaker, stands included.
Sennheiser 815s microphone with on/off switch and 5m cable.
Total system price - £119.00 + vat per week, £51.00 + vat per 3 days, £34.00 + vat per day.

You could add another loudspeaker ( passive type, that is with no amplifier) to spread the sound around your meeting room at an extra cost of £5.00 and this would include the necessary loudspeaker extension lead. You could also use a Sennheiser UHF or VHF lapel radio microphone and not the cable microphone if you have just one person speaking. If you have more than one person speaking them we would recommend a hand held radio microphone which is passed between each of the people speaking. A radio microphone would cost £19.00 instead of the £5.00 for the cable microphone.


For a meeting of say 100 to 300 people we would recommend a larger amplified system than for the smaller gathering as not only does this give you more power, it has more options for multiple inputs from extra microphones, cassette recorders, CD players, video players and laptop computers etc.

Dynacord Powermate 600 mixer amplifier
HK Audio VT10 8" loudsapers x 4, stands included.
2x Sennheiser 815s microphones with cables
2x banqueting microphone stands for tables
Total system price - £772.00 + vat per week, £331.00 + vat per 3 days, £220.50 + vat per day.

As with the smaller system there are options for radio microphones, lapel or hand held. At large meetings we recommend that the main speaker has a lapel microphone with body pack transmitter and other persons speaking use either a cable microphones(s) or hand held radio microphone(s). The benefit of the hand held radio microphones is that you can hand the microphone around to the person(s) speaking, for instance questions from members of the audience and still retain control of the sound and who is speaking.

Please see the important information and advice on - RADIO MICROPHONES -


Two full range loudspeakers are all you need in a pub or club and good for 100 to 200 people. Any of our small systems have at least four inputs to the combined mixer/amplifier. From years of experience we offer packages - its saves having you to list what you want and it works out cheaper than selecting individual items. We call these packages Band 1, Band 2 etc. A Band 1 package suits most small gigs and includes a couple of legendary Shure SM58 vocal mics together with all necessary cables.
Band 1 system has 2 x 12 inch speakers, tripod stands for these speakers, H/H Electronics MPA150 150 watt mono mixer/amplifier, two SM58 microphones with two boom mic stands, mic cables and loudspeaker cables.

Band 1 PA package £45.00 + vat

If you want impressive bottom end (bass) then the LUCAS system from HK Audio is the one to seriously consider. Wheel it conveniently into any venue (it easily fits into the boot of a VW Golf) and the audience will fall about laughing when you set up the two small 8 inch satellite loudspeakers. But what they do not see is the thumping 15 inch bass bin which has three powerful amplifiers ready to hook up to a small mixer such as the Studiomaster Fusion DJ/Live mixer or a small Behringer and you are away with a punchy system that cannot fail to impress. Its also good for larger venues of say 300 people.

LUCAS system comprising three loudspeakers and amplifiers £42.00
Small Behringer audio mixer £13.00
One Shure SM58 microphone £6.00
Mic stands and two tripod stands for the speakers £18.00
Total price £79.00 + vat


For the larger venue good for 200 to 400 people, either try the LUCAS system mentioned above or use the versatile Dynacord PowerMate 600 mixer/amplifier. This has 6 inputs for microphones plus a further 2 stereo line inputs for CD player, keyboard or MD player etc. It also has two built in digital effects processors for vocalists etc. Arranged as a package in Band 2 it comes with all leads, two full range loudspeakers, two classic Shure SM58 microphones, stands and all cables.

Band 2 PA package £70.00 + vat

If the vocalist(s) or musician(s) need some foldback monitoring then a powered HK Audio RS122 wedge floor monitor will complete the system with the signal coming from one of the PowerMate's auxiliary outputs, ideal for that live gig.

Optional HK Audio RS122 12" powered wedge monitor speaker.
Included is one long mains leads and audio lead for signal from mixer/amplifier.
£20.00 + vat

If you want more bass add the 12" Peavey or HK Audio bass bins linked through the built in crossovers to the full range units. The bass bins hale holes for loudspeaker poles and thus there is no need for any tripod loudspeaker stands which saves floor space at the venue.

Optional 2 off Peavey 12" or HK Audio 12" Classic Compact bass bins.
Included loudspeaker poles (in place of tripod stands) and extra speaker leads.


For about 500 people our Band 3 system package is ideal. Its got a lot of bass provided by four 15" bass bins and two hi/mid loudspeakers each of which has a horn tweeter and two 10" mid range drive units. Thus you will have a total of 8 loudspeaker drivers plus the two horns driven by a 1200 watt power amplifier (600 watts per channel). The speakers are easily transportable but you will need a Transist size van or two large hatch back cars. All leads are provided and the speakers self stack with safety poles.

Included are four 15" bass bins, two hi/mid speakers.
16 channel stereo audio mixer.
1200 watt (600 watts per channel) power amplifier.
Four SM58 or SM57 or combination of these microphones.
Four floor standing boom microphone stands and cables.
Two long loudspeaker cables.
Band 3 Package - 1220 watts £100.00 + vat

If you want more power another amplifier may be used, one per stack for an extra £10.00.

Band 4 Package - 2400 watts £150.00 + vat

For about 1000 people our HK Audio Projector system will provide large sound from its four 18" bass bins and two full range loudspeakers each with a high horn and one 12" mid range driver. All of these cabinets have their own built in power amplifier of 600 watts. The units are self stacking but are heavy, they do have castors fitted so are easy to roll along flat surfaces. A Transit size van is a must for transporting this system together with a crew of two to three people required to lift the units into a three high stack. The cabinets link together and with you choice of audio mixer you have a great punchy sound with lots of bass. With larger sound systems mains power consumption must be considered. He Project system needs 230 volts x 4kw.

Included are 6 speakers all with built in 600 watts amplifiers.
Mains leads for each cabinet and XLR/XLR audio link cables.
Input is at line level, one per stack on XLR.
HK Audio Projector System £200.00 + vat