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TSProfessional Sound + Light - Hire Rates all prices exclude VAT

All prices exclude VAT. All Hires are subject to our standard terms and conditions available upon request. All Hire fees to be paid in advance and a minimum of £100.00 deposit made by cheque or credit card. Unless special arrangements have been made a surcharge of 5% will be made for payments made upon the completion of the hire period and a 10% surcharge will be made for payment at a date after the completion of the hire period.
Rates are based upon period of days - min. period is one day. Please select the hire items from the hire menu.

Recording Multitrack

RECORDING EQUIPMENT - MultitrackWeek3 DayDay
TASCAM 238 eight track cassette deck with dBX £140£81.00£42.00
TASCAM DA88 digital eight track with sync board fitted£243.50£134.00£69.50
TASCAM DA98 digital eight track£243.50£134.00£69.50
TASCAM 2488 digital 24 track hard disk recorder workstation, 4mic and 4mic/line inputs, maximum of 8 track simultaneous recording facility£184.00£101.50£52.50
TASCAM MX2424 24 track hard disk recorder£607.50£260.50£173.50
PRESONUS Studio Live 24-4-2 Digital audio mixer 24 channel with multrack recording facility via Firewire interface. Just connect up your computer and go! Loads of built in effects etc - ideal for live or studio£413.00£227.00£118.00
ALESIS XT20 Adat eight track digital recorder£220.50£121.50£63.00
SOUNDSCAPE SSHDRIR-Plus ver.3.0 Digital Audio Workstation£294.00£162.00£84.00
TEAC A3440 four track open reel 7.5/15IPS 1/4" x 10.1/2"£184.00£101.50£52.50
FOSTEX E16 1/2"Format open reel 16 track 15 IPS x 10.1/2" Dolby C noise reduction£220.50£121.50£63.00

Recording Equipment Stereo

FOSTEX FR-2LE Portable mains or battery stereo recorder. Uses Compact Flash Card, built in stereo mic, phantom power etc. Two XLR mic inputs for better quality microphones if required (Rode NT4 etc). Please note it is not supplied with Flash Card, available to buy at extra cost.£129.50£71.00£37.00
ZOOM H2 Handy recorder. Hand held digital recorder using SD media. Built in four microphones. Battery or mains powered. 3.5mm jack mic input. Please note it is not supplied with SD card, available at extra cost£93.00£51.00£26.50
TASCAM DA45HR DAT recorder 24bit and 16 bit recording and playback XLR balanced, AES/EBU and S/PDIF, word sync etc£129.50£71.00£37.00
TASCAM DA30 DAT recorder 44.10/48.00 KHz£110.50£61.00£31.50
TASCAM DA30MkII DAT recorder 32.00/44.10/48.00 KHz£110.50£61.00£31.50
TASCAM DAP1 DAT portable, battery/mains 44.1/48.00 KHz£129.50£71.00£37.00
PANASONIC SV3700 DAT recorder 44.10/48.00 KHz£110.50£61.00£31.50
HHB CDR800 Pro CD recorder optical/TDIF/AES/EBU inputs£129.50£71.00£37.00
TASCAM CDRW 900 CD recorder optical/SPDIF input/outputs£110.50£61.00£31.50
TASCAM CD DX1X4 16 x speed, one master x four slave CD duplicator for audio and data£110.50£61.00£31.50
TASCAM CD D4000 MkII 8 x speed, one master x one slave CD duplicator for audio and data£110.50£61.00£31.50
RECORDING EQUIPMENT - Stereo ANALOGUE We are proud to still offer a range of open reel decks in a variety of formats now usually hired for archive conversion and we are happy to offer advice to our customers about the pitfalls of the different formats. We grew up with open reel and will continue to keep these old machines going for as long as possible, but please treat them with care if you hire them!Week3 DayDay
REVOX B77II 1/2 track 7.1/2/15IPS 1/4" x 10.1/2" open reel tape deck£140.00£81.00£42.00
TASCAM 42NB 1/2 track 7.5/15IPS 1/4" x 10.1/2" open reel£140.00£81.00£42.00
AKAI 4000D 1/4 track 3.75/7.5IPS 1/4" x 7" open reel£119.00£65.00£34.00
UHER SG562 1/2 trk 15/16,1.7/8,3.75,7.5 IPS 1/4" x 7" open reel£140.00£81.00£42.00
UHER 4000 mono 1/2 track 1.7/8,3.75,7.5 IPS 1/4" x 5" open reel£129.50£71.00£37.00
TASCAM 112R 3 head auto reverse cassette deck Dolby B/C £82.50£42.00£23.50
HARMAN KARDON TD392 3 head cass. deck Dolby B/C£73.50£40.50£21.00
AKAI GX52 two head cassette deck Dolby B/C £52.50£22.50£15.00
TECHNICS RSTR333 double auto reverse cass. deck Dolby B/C £73.50£40.50£21.00
TASCAM 302 double auto reverse simultaneous record deck B/C £93.00£51.00£26.50
SONY TC153 two head portable cassette battery/mains Dolby B£73.50£40.50£21.00
SANYO micro cassette recorder£35.00£15.00£10.00

Recording Equipment MiniDisc/Cassette

SHARP MD-SR50H portable recorder, battery or mains operation£35.00£15.00£10.00
TASCAM MD350 MkII professional, full size, balanced & balanced I/O recording/playback in standard and long play mode£92.75£51.00£26.50
RECORDING EQUIPMENT - Cassette Recorders & PlayersWeek3 DayDay
TASCAM 112R MkII stereo auto reverse deck£82.50£42.00£23.50
TASCAM 302 Stereo double auto reverse deck,cascade feature for continuous recording£92.75£51.00£26.50
AKAI GX52 Stereo single cassette recorder with Dolby B & C noise reduction£52.50£22.50£15.00
SANYO Micro mono cassette recorder (dictation type) £35.00£15.00£10.00
RECORDING EQUIPMENT - Cassette Recorders & PlayersWeek3 DayDay
SONY CCP310 stereo duplicator x 8 speed master plus three slaves£184.00£101.50£52.50
SONY CCP310 stereo x 8 speed four slaves for use with CCP310£184.00£101.50£52.50
TELEX TDX2M XGEN mono x 16 speed, master plus 3 slaves£166.50£91.50£47.50
TELEX TDX2C XGEN mono x 16 speed, slave unit (4 slaves)£166.50£91.50£47.50